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REDD+ feasibility assessments

For DNV, we conducted feasibility assessments of several proposed South American avoided deforestation projects which included identification of high risk red flag issues.


REDD+ standard & methodology selection

For Living Carbon, we transitioned the company from VCS to ACR to maximize potential forest carbon offset revenue for its improved forest management (IFM) and reforestation (A/R) projects.

REDD+ emission factor inventory design

For Compass Carbon, we reviewed contract specifications for an emission factor inventory to reduce costs and complexity, while still meeting VCS standard and methodological requirements.

REDD+ offset calculations

For Eken Financing, we set parameters for more accurate Verified Carbon Unit (VCU) offset modeling calculations.

Corporate GHG footprints

For Super Plastic, we calculated the historical, company-wide GHG footprint based on WRI scopes 1, 2 & 3. We also made recommendations for the company to reduce future GHG emissions.