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The forest carbon consultancy firm which also audits to make your projects robust.


AFOLU expert project reviews

For VCS, we conduct periodic reviews of project PDs and MRs submitted by VVBs for validation and verification respectively to ensure conformance with the VCS standard and methodologies.

Technical reviews

For Carbon Check, we conducted technical reviews of the validation report of a VCS A/R mangrove/blue carbon project in India and the validation/verification report of a mangrove project in Saudi Arabia.

Risk assessment

For DNV, we conducted risk assessments for investment in proposed Brazil and Colombia avoided deforestation/RED projects which included identification of yellow and red flag issues.


Forest inventory & nonpermanence report reviews

For Perimeter Forest, we conducted a review of their non-permanence risk report and provided suggestions for improved documentation. We also reviewed a forest inventory report with suggestions to improve its clarity for VCS validation and verification for a Canadian IFM stop logging project.

Offset calculations

For Eken Financing, we set parameters for more accurate Verified Carbon Unit (VCU) offset modeling calculations in Sweden for an IFM extended rotation project and also developed a new appendix for dynamic baseline methodology VM0045.

Standard & methodology selection

For Living Carbon, we transitioned the company from VCS to ACR to maximize potential forest carbon offset revenue for its reforestation A/R projects in North America using a photosythentically enhanced poplar variant.

Corporate GHG footprint calculation

For Super Plastic, we calculated the historical, company-wide GHG footprint based on WRI scopes 1, 2 and 3. We also made recommendations for the Burlington, VT, USA based company to reduce future GHG emissions.